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What We Do

We are a blockchain based venture capital firm that has a priority to develop a community of well funded independent entrepreneurs across the globe.

Our innovations aim to solve many world challenges of impoverished people that have limited resources for creating wealth.


We can help you gain access up to ONE MILLION dollars for your small business venture and remove the technical barriers that comes with establishing an online presence. With our platform you can simplify the process of creating wealth.

How We Help


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      Venture Capital Funding

  • Our asset driven fund supports startup founders at the seed and pre seed stages with funding amounts ranging from 1k up to 1M USD

Influencer Monetization Network

  • If you're a content creator you can maximize your ad earnings by joining our extremely powerful network of social media influencers 

 Direct Participation in Revenue

  • Gain up to 20 percent profit share in by participating in our DAO and other business extensions of our innovative ecosystem

Why Your Business Need Us

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      No Technical Barriers

  • Don't waste time learning web development and SEO for an online presence? You can use our site which is already established as your own platorm to success

      Free Marketing & Expertise

  • You can list your products and business page on our site complete with SEO and connections to a vast network of entrepreneurs who want you to win 

      Start Earning Now

  • Because you won't need to worry about technical barriers, you can simply list your business or product and start using your promotional link now


Our marketplace houses exclusive NFT offers and special promotions for members who take part in our profit sharing program

Each purchase gains member a 15% profit share


Our Intellectual Properties asset class allows the purchase and sale of equity in startups that we develop and market for our members

Each contribution  returns a 20% profit share


The King Token is a native cryptocurrency which is backed by the entire revenue stream of The Ataraxc ecosystem.

Each contribution gains member a 25% profit share

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Home: FAQ

Founders: Here you can list and sell equity in your startup venture via SAFE notes or cryptocurrency

Investors: Here you can buy equity shares in exclusive blockchain projects and contribute to advancing privately owned technologies

Influencers: Here you can discuss and work  on projects that you have an interest in developing with Ataraxc developers

With our dynamic investment ecosystem you have several options to own equity in new blockchain startups. Learn More 

Investors Key


Tier 1 class  = 25% profit sharing

Tier 2 class = 20% profit sharing

Tier 3 class = 15% profit sharing

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