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Use A.I. to find your potential mate based on genetics

Perfect Reveal Match making Platform is a concept that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and genetics to revolutionize the dating process. This platform enables individuals to find potential mates by considering genetic compatibility, offering insights into the potential appearance of their future children. This technical synopsis outlines the key technologies and processes behind this innovative matchmaking system.

You can choose what your baby will look like

Imagine a world that offers people a chance to choose the eye, hair, and skin color of their child. With our predictive matching capabilities we can get as close as possible without gene modification.

Our unique matching algorithms will grant you the luxury of meeting someone that you can see a life with for years to come.

Find Your Perfect Match

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SAFE Note Details

Investment amount: 1 ETH Per Share

Shares Available: 5000/5000

Currencies Accepted: USD Crypto

Development Timeframe: 6-9 mos

Probability Score: 8/10


Founder: PAHOI 


Year Founded: 2023

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