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How it works

The "King Token" is a simple yet very effective solution to costly volatility in cryptocurrency markets. Our code dictates that one coin out of the three million total supply will serve as the tie breaker voting authority between Ataraxc administration and community members who make up The Ataraxc DAO. This allows a fair voting authority in our DAO that allows our team of developers to build an ecosystem that fosters innovation and brings continuous profits to our exclusive members.

The Benefits

As a member of our DAO you get access to leveraged capital in a cryptocurrency holdings we call The ARXX Fund. The Ataraxc DAO members vote how to use these assets  to create new technologies, businesses, goods and services, and provide philanthropy for those in need. Whatever the community decides to use funds for, as a member you will have a voting authority. With that authority there's access to everything obtained and created by The Ataraxc DAO.

Nature Girl

What this means for you

For our exclusive members you get to be a part of an investment power that uncaps ROI to infinite level, helps save the environment, and produce assets for the needy that creates a better world for all. This is an opportunity to become part owner of a developed business that can have a worldwide impact.

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The Benefits
The Benefits
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