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The Dao

Our community of blockchain users  pool together assets and vote how to best utilize fund resources

The DAO 2


The Ataraxc DAO is an immensely powerful investment tool for generating wealth in fiat and cryptocurrencies.


Our platform gives each member accepted into the DAO the ability to gain exponential wealth and have a voting authority in a world power that is known only to a few organizations. 


Using a community based leverage model, the advantage which is gained for everyone becomes considerable.



Ataraxc DAO members will have access to the highest forms of influence in all parts of the world. We want to ensure that each person who holds a membership certificate reaches their financial goals.


With a shareholding in The Ataraxc DAO which produces other investable assets, having entree to this type of investing mechanism can create massive pro rata returns for all participants of the DAO.


Once you become a member of our exclusive partnership you can start seeing the perks of high leverage returns.


Our unique business model allows early adopters to reap the greatest rewards of our mission to have a positive social impact on transforming world power structures.

The Ataraxc DAO is exclusive to 500,000 members. 

The DAO 3
The DAO 4
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