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Ataraxc introduces a new concept to blockchain deliverables by utilizing proof of transaction as the core backing of the cryptocurrency. This concept combines proof of stake and proof of work fundamentals to maintain the cryptographic elements of proof of work but to also reduce computational necessity as with proof of stake.


Proof of transaction works by way of weighted transactions given merit by the most active updaters of the blockchain ledger.


The innovative PoT consensus mechanism leverages transactional activity instead of computational power, making the network more energy-efficient and cost-effective.


PoT enhances the overall sustainability and efficiency of the blockchain, promoting a greener approach to cryptocurrency.


With the ARXX protocol and PoT mechanism, the Ataraxc ecosystem demonstrates a commitment to reducing energy consumption and environmental impact, addressing concerns associated with traditional blockchain networks.

No More Mining 2
Quantum computer being illuminated

Proof of transaction (PoT) is a great option for anyone considering cryptocurrency adoption because it offers a more sustainable and efficient way to secure the network.

Unlike traditional proof of work (PoW) mechanisms, which require expensive mining equipment and consume a significant amount of energy, PoT rewards active network participants based on their transactional activity and influence on the network. This reduces the cost and energy consumption associated with blockchain mining, making it more accessible to a wider range of individuals and businesses

No More Mining
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