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A big issue that plagues much of the crypto space today; “The greater fool theory” is a unique problem of how to ensure everyone who invests has the chance to get a fair return. We accomplish solving this issue in a very precise way. This is done by increasing the value of each token minted without having to burn currency through use of a single “King” Token.

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The How

At launch, 1 (ARXX) token out of three million total supply will be put into circulation for public trade. This will be a Tier 1 token that represents The “King” token and only one of its kind for the DAO. Whoever holds the “King” token will also maintain the tiebreaker vote in any 50/50 ruling between DAO members and Ataraxc Administration. 100,000 Tier 2 tokens will then be made for purchase by way of an NFT sale. 
Proceeds from the NFT sale will go to funding the DOA. This Tier level construct will descend until a Tier 5 level is reached but only Tier 1 and 2 tokens will maintain voting rights and access to DAO perks. Tiers 3, 4, and 5 consisting of 100,000 members each will have access to buy fractional portions of their respective Tier token. Once all five Tier levels are reached, membership for this portion of the DAO is closed.

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The Result

The solution to the greater fool theory comes next when a new DAO with further ambitions is born that has the backing of the assets from the previous DAO. The Original DAO will possess the “King” token of the subsequent DAO and then the process replicates into infinity.

By utilizing a “King” token and tiered methodology to give birth to subsequent DAO’s which all exist as part of a “Mega-chain” we then realize the formula to recreating a decentralized world.

Ataraxc reduces the risk of volatility in the market by establishing a set distribution of tokens over a period of time and requiring ownership of an associated NFT to participate in the DAO. This keeps demand high, market price for each Tier constantly increasing, and most importantly gives way to eliminate the need for mining.

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