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Liquid Bubbles
Abstract Structure

Ataraxc seeks to bring about an entirely self driven economy that provides a universal wealth system for the world. For this we will only hire the best talent to operate business functions and implement infrastructure.

First, we will look to develop communities in underdeveloped nations. With fund resources we can create entire economies that use Ataraxc as their basic means of exchange.


The concept here is to buy and develop land with assets from the Ataraxc DAO and then pay workforce members in Ataraxc to build the infrastructure of businesses that will be owned by the Ataraxc DAO

Universal Wealth

Generating Revenue


Ataraxc allows a disruptive scalability aspect that is sure to demonstrate how financial institutions can be built independently and still operate with a benefit to the primary medium of exchange. The Ataraxc DAO constantly increases in worth and acts as an amazing controlling factor in maintaining a base point of value for the (ARXX) token.


With this model virtually every type of business can be recreated by The Ataraxc DAO which then only accept our currency.

Genrating Revenue
Abstract Linear Background


This endless flow of customer data snowballs into the catalyst that can provide billions in revenue for The Ataraxc DAO. 

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