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As an entrepreneur in the modern world there is no doubt that you have endured several hardships to say the least when trying to have success in the business world.


Though many doors have been closed for you, being here on this site today is your entrance to a just world you have been denied from for far too long.

Our vision seeks to abolish the unfair and unspoken practices that marginalize upcoming entrepreneurs across the world. Here you can have a place to be granted capital without prejudice. 

Not only have we developed a far better economic system than any economy in place today but our technology concepts aim to transform the world into a place of progression and harmony that eliminates poverty for generations.


You can obtain your ticket to financial sovereignty free from oppressive constraints by joining our DAO today. Not only can you change your financial status but with this decision you also become a voting authority in how we use company funds for empowerment of the influencer community.

We urge you to claim your place in the influencer run world  with us today!



Join the Influencer Elite

Generational Wealth

Unlimited Resources

Ataraxc Intro Video

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