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Blockchain applications in their current uses are far limited in what can be achieved with the technology. The concepts held within this document are only a base starting point to demonstrate how blockchain can filter into every aspect of human interactions.


If we are to imagine blockchain as a regenerative cell in an entire body of history then the record keeping aspect of blockchain for mankind should take precedence over any other use case currently being applied.

This technology is much more than a currency, it is a way to accurately record human history. The developments found by future civilizations in the transaction history will shape communications throughout all of time.


Concurrently, the pandora’s box of time travel, Artificial Intelligence, and interacting with other civilizations are all opened by having the ability to send coded messages through infinite time. The applications for government funding to explore these possibilities make the Ataraxc Mega-chain concept the most revolutionary technology in all of history. 

Ataraxc Blockchain Technologies intend to stand at the forefront of this new direction. We invite you to join us in evolving the world.

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